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Bed bugs, roaches, ants, spiders, and many more insects are real problems for people. Not only are these pests creepy, but they can bite, cause health problems, and destroy property. Ray’s Property Maintenance and Pest Control in Rochester, NY, takes pest removal very seriously, and you’ll see that with every service we provide. Call us today to make sure the bugs are kicked out as soon as possible. 

Baby bedbug

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs cause many problems once in your home. They bite and can cause itchy welts that can potentially lead to secondary infection. They also cling to people, similar to lice, and can be transferred by touching someone's infected clothing or other possessions. Our pest removal team works quickly to remove the infestation and will set up safeguards to prevent future ones.  

Dead cockroach on wooden


Roaches are a major problem for your home or business. They are attracted to human food and can cause food contamination and spread serious diseases such as typhoid and dysentery. They move quickly, which makes them difficult to kill, but when Ray’s Property Maintenance and Pest Control is on the job, you don’t have to worry. Our pest removal team will remove all traces of roaches in your home or business and give you tips on how to make sure they don’t come back.   

Wolf Spider Head On

Spiders & More

Along with bed bugs and roaches, other insects and arachnids such as spiders can give our customers the creeps. Insects infesting the home creates an unsanitary environment for your family. Our team of pest removal experts will make sure that you don’t have to deal with these freeloaders any longer than you have to. We offer seasonal sprays to remove spiders, beetles, and other insects.

Call for Professional Bug Removal

Bugs don’t stand a chance when Ray’s Property Maintenance and Pest Control is here. Our highly trained and experienced team is prepared to find all pests and nests in your home or business and provide the necessary roach removal, bed bug removal, and any other pest control solutions you need. You don’t have to worry when you see a roach scuttle under the fridge or an ant on the windowsill—we’re here to keep things clean and protected. Call today to get rid of the creepy crawlies. 

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