Wildlife Control Services

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Humane Wildlife Removal & Trapping in Rochester, NY

Many times when we think of raccoons or groundhogs, we think of how cute these critters might seem. However, when they invade your home, they become a nuisance and can cause costly damages to your property. Count on Ray’s Property Maintenance and Pest Control in Rochester, NY, for wildlife removal.


Squirrels may seem harmless outdoors, but when they find their way into your home, they can cause significant damage by gnawing on wires, woodwork, and insulation. Additionally, they can carry diseases that can be harmful to humans.

Our squirrel control services are designed to humanely trap and remove these creatures from your property, while also implementing measures to prevent future invasions, keeping your home safe and intact.


While birds are often a welcome sight in the garden, they can cause significant damage when they nest in your home’s vents or attics, and their droppings can pose health risks.

Our bird control services focus on humane removal and deterrent techniques, preventing birds from nesting in your home without causing them harm. Trust us to handle your bird problems effectively while maintaining a respect for nature.


Groundhogs, with their extensive burrowing, can damage your lawn and undermine the structural integrity of your property. Our groundhog control services include safe and humane removal techniques, as well as preventative strategies to keep your property groundhog-free.

We’ll help restore your yard and protect your home’s foundation from these burrowing pests.


Raccoons are smart, nimble pests that can create a mess in your yard, damage your property, and carry diseases like rabies.

Our raccoon control services offer professional trapping and removal, alongside implementing robust preventive measures to keep your property raccoon-proof. Rely on our expertise to resolve your raccoon issues quickly and efficiently.


Possums can damage your property, spread fleas, and carry various diseases. Our possum control services include the humane trapping and removal of these creatures, alongside preventive measures to protect your home from future invasions.

Choose our services for effective possum control.


The telltale smell of a skunk can be a serious nuisance, but these creatures can also damage your garden and pose a risk of rabies. Our skunk control services offer humane removal and relocation solutions, as well as strategies to keep skunks away from your property in the future.

Let us handle your skunk problem and restore the tranquility of your home environment.